How to choose the right accommodation when traveling and maximize your budget 26/04/2018

When planning a visit to another country or city for different purposes: vacation, business trip or a simple trip, you should pay attention to several key points that should not be ignored when choosing a home. Below are detailed steps on the right and budget choice of residence for the duration of the trip.

The purpose of your trip.  The first and most important stage is the right choice of the purpose of the trip.  It will be pleasant to combine rest and business trip to fully relax and have a good rest. The correct solution of questions about the rest during a business trip will help you choose the right accommodation, which will be all the necessary conditions for your comfort. After all, correctly selected housing will allow you not only to save your budget, but also your time. 

Duration of stay. Knowing the duration of your stay, you can choose the best option for your stay abroad. For long-term travel, the best option would be a hostel or a hostel. If your stay is limited to weekends, you should choose an inexpensive hotel near the Central areas, so oraz you will save on transportation costs. The hotel is worth choosing in the nearby areas to the Central, as the cost of the cheapest hotel room in the Central areas will be doubled.

Plan your budget. Proper budget planning will help you avoid financial troubles. When planning, be sure to consider the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on housing. Also, do not forget about transport costs and additional services.

Housing options. Now that you have clear criteria for comfortable housing, you can do a selection of options. To choose the best accommodation is to take into account the purpose of the trip, the budget and the length of stay. Below are the available options for any wallet:

* The hotel is the most common type of accommodation for tourists. They are the most advertised part of the city and have a convenient location. Often they are located near the big sights or in the city center. Hotels differ between different price policies, the more expensive the room, the better the conditions there and more additional services. This option is perfect for business trips, because the location in the city center will significantly reduce your costs. To book a room you will help the sites of the hotels, if the hotel does not have its own website, you will help sites www.Hotele.MD to find out more about you are interested in the room. 
* Hostels-this type of housing appeared not so long ago, but has already gained its popularity due to its low cost.  This room rate in the hostel includes less services than in the hotel and is located a little further from the important tourist sites. Hostels are divided into their own topics. There are so-called Youth Hostels, where only young people under a certain age can stay. This type of accommodation is perfect for Hiking or long-term budget traveler. Sites www.Hotele.MD  will help you learn more about the hostel you are interested in. 
* Rent apartments / villas. Rent apartments is perfect for relaxing or business trip for a long time. This option is ideal, as you can feel at home away from home. If you travel for a long time, you will save a lot if you check into the hotel at the same time. You can find a standard option for a low price with excellent conditions. Usually these landlords complete the apartment is absolutely everything you need for the comfort of a tourist. Some apartments are advertised on the Internet directly, but most are located in the so-called apartment directories www.Hotele.MD, where you can choose the perfect apartment for you. Usually rent apartments couples or a group of people for whom it is important that their personal life was not on public display. 
* Bed & Breakfast/ Inns - this accommodation is similar to a hotel but smaller in size. This type of accommodation offers accommodation and Breakfast, hence the name. But many of the bed and Breakfast work at the level of small hotels. Accommodation of this type is perfect for the weekend. Almost all the bed and Breakfast are much cheaper than a full hotel, but services are not inferior to him. Not all bed and Breakfast is available on the Internet. It will be more practical to search on the forums of travelers this type of housing in the city where you are going. 
* Camping-today the cheapest accommodation that can be paid in the camp. To use this type of housing you will need your own tent. On the website you can browse the available camping sites at once to find out the price for a place under your tent. Many campsites provide a bathroom service for their visitors. Before choosing a camping is to take into account that this type of housing is suitable only for experienced tourists who had experience of housing in the tent. 

Researches.  When you have decided on the type of accommodation you should read the reviews of more experienced travelers, so as not to stumble into trouble during the trip. On forums you can read more about all the advantages and disadvantages. This type of research will help you make the right choice and visualize the future of housing on the trip. 

Choice. At this stage, it is necessary to correlate our housing criteria and reviews of experienced tourists. If the accommodation you choose fully meets your criteria or covers most of it, then feel free to book it.

Comment. All your experience of living in your chosen accommodation will be useful to the following visitors. Try to optimally describe your impressions of the service and conditions, because your feedback will help tourists to decide on accommodation during travel or business trip. 

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